Klaus Schulze 4. August 1947 – † 26. April 2022


Klaus Schulze und Bernd Kistenmacher im August 1989 in Dresden
Klaus Schulze 04.08.1947 – † 26.04.2022

Die Nachrichten könnten kaum trauriger sein. Nach langer, schwerer Krankheit ist Klaus Schulze am 26. April 2022 verstorben.

Klaus Schulze war mein Held. Der, der mich dazu gebracht hat, elektronische Musik zu machen. Er war der einzige, der einen mit seiner Musik zum Fliegen bringen konnte. Er war der einzig wahre kosmische Kurier und ein Bruder im Geiste. Einfach “De Beste Van De Klas”.

Eine kurze Zeit lang sind unsere Wege parallel gelaufen und wir hatten unsere “Momente”. Es waren gute und unvergessliche Momente. Ich vermisse sein jungenhaftes Lachen. Seine Musik wird bleiben.

Ruhe in Frieden Klaus!

The news couldn’t be sadder. After a long, serious illness, Klaus Schulze passed away on April 26, 2022.

Klaus Schulze was my hero. The one that got me into making electronic music. He was the only one who could make you fly with his music. He was the only true cosmic courier and a brother in spirit. Simply “De Beste Van De Klas”.

For a short time our paths ran parallel and we had our “moments”. There were good and unforgettable moments. I miss his boyish laugh. His music will stay.

Rest in peace Klaus!

Test: Waldorf IRIDIUM Synthesizer

IRIDIUM and QUANTUM Synthesizer

Hello together, summer is over and the crisis is still running, but It’s time now to return to my test business as usual. I was able to have a closer look to the brandnew Waldorf IRIDIUM Synthesizer for german Amazona.de platform. As all other reports you can read a little more about this on my subsite Tests& Stories finding here. Thank you for your attention and have a good time.

Signature Tracks pt. VII

A new Signature Track is online. Please listen to it and check also my other Signature Tracks on this Site or on my YouTube channel. Please do not forget to subscribe for regularely infos and updates. Thank you

New subsite “Signature Tracks”

After a small re-design of my website, a new subsite “Signature Tracks” is now visible. This site is meant as acoustic ID-card of my work and it is also linked to my YouTube channel. This site will be permanently updated. So it is a helpfull way to follow my work. Check it out! Thank you for your attention.

Red Alert – Action Theme

I have done a little update on my “Own Sounddesigns” subsite. “Red Alert” is  a short action theme, that I have written for another purpose. Anyway,  I have added it also here . Please check it out.

Vienna Symphonic Library Contribution

I am happy and proud to present my first contribution for the Smart Spheres application which is running on Vienna’s Synchron Player. I was asked for a statement about working with it. Please read it here: link .

If you like to listen to my demo track which was only created with sounds from Smart Spheres, please follow this link and check out “To Higher Spheres”.

With special thanks to Mr. Paul Kopf