Sven Miracolo – Portrait eines Sammlers + G.A.S. ALARM

Bernd Kistenmacher präsentiert auf seinem YouTube Kanal FREAK OUT YOUR SYNTH unter dem Titel “G.A.S. ALARM” (G.A.S. steht für Gear Acquisition Syndrome) eine neue Reihe von Videos, in denen Sammler von Synthesizern und ihre Kollektionen vorgestellt werden. Sie zeigen ihre Schätze und sprechen über ihre Passion.

Die Serie beginnt mit einem Portrait des in Südtirol lebenden Italieners Sven Miracolo.


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Dave Smith 1950 – † 2022

Dave Smith (screenshot taken from Sequential website)

This is a hard year for the world of electronic music. After the death of Klaus Schulze, Vangelis and Andrew Fletcher now one of the most influential pioneers and inventors of synthesizers and other electronic music equipment has passed away. Just 2 weeks ago he attended to the Berlin Superbooth event to present his latest cooperation with Tom Oberheim, the Oberheim OB-X8 syntheiszer.  He was in best mood and nobody who had seen him thee would have expected this terrible news.

I remember in his last synthesizer coup, which he had done for his own company SEQUENTIAL in 2021, the PROPHET-10 rev 4, which has been named the best synthesizer of 2021. I had composed a piece of music only on this fantastic synthesizer.

In memory of Dave Smith


Vangelis 29. März 1943 – † 17. Mai 2022

The dervish has gone. Only a few weeks after Klaus Schulze passed away, my second musical hero Vangelis has died at the age of 79. I will really need time to understand that the most influental persons in my life are no longer here.

I discovered Vangelis at the age of 11 years, when “Aegian Sea” from Aphrodite’s Child was played by a broadcast station in Berlin. Only a little bit time later he began with “Earth” his unbelievable world career. To me Vangelis was a true composer and maybe the best composer I was alowed to listen to and to discover. He was able to express or better to tell a “story” within three minutes, when others needed for the same 30 or more minutes. He was a dervish on all of his instruments and it was allways pure joy to listen to him and to see him playing.

Your music will stay but I miss you Mr. V.


Vangelis – The dervish has gone (image from Theelsewhere website)

Klaus Schulze 4. August 1947 – † 26. April 2022


Klaus Schulze und Bernd Kistenmacher im August 1989 in Dresden
Klaus Schulze 04.08.1947 – † 26.04.2022

Die Nachrichten könnten kaum trauriger sein. Nach langer, schwerer Krankheit ist Klaus Schulze am 26. April 2022 verstorben.

Klaus Schulze war mein Held. Der, der mich dazu gebracht hat, elektronische Musik zu machen. Er war der einzige, der einen mit seiner Musik zum Fliegen bringen konnte. Er war der einzig wahre kosmische Kurier und ein Bruder im Geiste. Einfach “De Beste Van De Klas”.

Eine kurze Zeit lang sind unsere Wege parallel gelaufen und wir hatten unsere “Momente”. Es waren gute und unvergessliche Momente. Ich vermisse sein jungenhaftes Lachen. Seine Musik wird bleiben.

Ruhe in Frieden Klaus!

The news couldn’t be sadder. After a long, serious illness, Klaus Schulze passed away on April 26, 2022.

Klaus Schulze was my hero. The one that got me into making electronic music. He was the only one who could make you fly with his music. He was the only true cosmic courier and a brother in spirit. Simply “De Beste Van De Klas”.

For a short time our paths ran parallel and we had our “moments”. There were good and unforgettable moments. I miss his boyish laugh. His music will stay.

Rest in peace Klaus!

Verlag gesucht!!
Ferne Ziele

Hallo Zusammen,

dies ist sozusagen ein Post in eigener Sache.

Für mein Buch “Ferne Ziele – Die Geschichte der Berliner Schule für elektronische Musik” suche ich einen Verlag.

Das Skript ist fertig und umfasst gut 900 Seiten toller Geschichten von und mit den Machern dieser einzigartigen Musik, die nur aus einer einzigen Stadt kommen konnte: Berlin.

Für nähere Information, ein Exposé des Buches und Kontaktinformationen folgt bitte diesem Link.

Vielen Dank für Eure Zeit, Euer Interesse und Eure Hilfe.


Bernd Kistenmacher



phone: 030/89733290

Waldorf Iridium Keyboard Synthesizer

The new Iridium Keyboard Synthesizer from Waldorf

Hi folks,

the brandnew and really hot IRIDIUM KEYBOARD synthesizer from WALDORF has arrived in Bernd Kistenmacher’s Studio in Berlin and is now ready for intensive tests.

This sounddesigners dream completes the Quantum / Iridium Synthesizer family and will be soon presented on german platform as well as in Bernd Kistenmacher’s own FreakOutYourSynth YouTube channel.

Stayed tuned.

New infos will follow soon.

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Bernd Kistenmacher – Interview im Wilmersdorfer Kiez-Magazin

Das Wilmersdorfer Kiez-Magazin hat eine nette Titelstory über Bernd Kistenmacher gemacht in der er über seine Musik, seine Biografie, seine aktuellen Buchpläne und über die Gedenktafel für das Electronic Beat Studio redet. Das Magazin liegt vorzugsweise in kulturellen Einrichtungen aus.

Wilmersdorfer Kiez-Magazin – Aktuelle Ausgabe Dezember 2021

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ARP 2600 – The Return Of A Legend – FREAK OUT YOUR SYNTH


Bernd Kistenmacher 1988 on stage with his original ARP 2600 semimodular Synthesizer

This story could not be more crazy but after 33 years I could my so beloved original ARP 2600 back by an accidental find. It is one of the last synthesizers which where sold until 1980. It is the orange version with the so versatile 3620 keyboard with an extra LFO. And it is looking like a brandnew item after all this years. Why? Well this synthesizer was bought around 1980 buy a church organplayer in the city of Mühlheim in the german Ruhrgebiet. I am not sure if the organist left the community or passed away, but he definetly used this instrument just for a very few times. Then it was burried in the church organ itself and forgotten in time. Until the priestess of the church found it in summer 2021. The people there quickly understood, what treasure they had found. They offered it in the internet and I bought it 2 weeks ago. Now my buddy is back home in my studio and since I also own a Korg ARP 2600FS, the best replica of this true classic, that you can get for your money, I am able now to compare this both classics. What a battle. So please expect soon another cool episode of Freak-Out-Your-Synth on my YouTube channel and a test for, which I am actually writing. Great things are coming soon. I am happy and pumped about that. Until this moment comes, please watch a short video about my lastest find on YouTube.


I’ll be back to you soon.

Please find more about Freak-Out-Your-Synth here.


SUPERBOOTH 2021 – Special Report in 4 Episodes

Four days of electronic superpower are over. Superbooth 2021 was THE event, we all waited for so long. After 2 1/2 years it happened again in Berlin and it was a full success. Nearly 140 companies presented their latest instruments and innpvations around the field of electronic music. And I was in the middle of that field and filmed like a whirlwind with my camera and captured everything I could get: interviews, music, the atmosphere and good mood. You can watch my impressions in four very long episodes of FREAK-OUT-YOUR-SYNTH on YouTube. Click on the videos to jump over…and take some time watching it.

You will need it 😉

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