Waldorf STREICHFETT software synthesizer on YouTube

For my YouTube series FREAK OUT YOUR SYNTH COMPACT I have tested the new VST Plug-In #STREICHFETT from #WALDORF. This Plug-In is an emulation of the 2016 released hardware expander with  identical name.

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Manuel Göttsching 9. September 1952 – † 4. Dezember 2022


Manuel Göttsching and his friend Lutz "Lüül" Ulbrich
Manuel Göttsching and his friend Lutz “Lüül” Ulbrich

I thought it would be enough for this year, but now another hero of my beloved Berlin electronic music school has passed away. Manuel Göttsching died on December 4, 2022.

In 2020 Manuel gave me his time for a 5-hour interview about his life for my book “Distant Goals”. That was the last time we met in person. I’m still happy and proud that in December 2020 I celebrated with the memorial plaque for the Electronic Beat Studio, the place in Berlin where it all began, “Thank you for your unique and cosmic music that has lit up my life so many times”, could say.

Rest in peace Manuel

Memorial plaque Electronic Beat Studio, Berlin
Gedenktafel für das Electronic Beat Studio, Berlin


EastWest String Machine on YouTube

Check out my latest video about the fantastic STRING MACHINE from EastWest/Soundsonline. Beside the presentation of this plug-in, I also talk about the licensing modells from #EastWest – for example the #Composercloud+ subscriction and the #OPUS engine, which is mandatory to play with this virtual instrument. You can find the video in my FREAK OUT YOUR SYNTH COMPACT playlist. Check also out my other videos, like them and subscribe to my channel.

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Für die kommende Ausgaben 02/2023 und 03/2023 des KEYS-Magazin habe ich as #STREICHFETT Plug-In von #WaldorfMusic und die #STRING MACHINE von EastWest getestet.

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KEYS Magazin




Arturia MiniLab 3 Keyboard-Controller

In my latest episode of Freak Out Your Synth Compact, I present the #MiniLab 3 MIDI Keyboard-Controller from #Arturia.

I discuss pros and cons and show, how versatile this small keyboard is.

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Bernd Kistenmacher Interview für LAUTFUNK Podcast

Unter dem Titel “Ferne Ziele, Synthesizer und Berliner Schule” hat Bernd Kistenmacher ein Interview für den “Probe Podcast” der LAUTFUNK Website gegeben.

In Podcast Nr. 29 spricht er über Vintage- und moderne Synthesizer, die Berliner Schule und sin Buch-Projekt “Ferne Ziele”.

Zu hören auf Lautfunk.de oder hier

Interview mit Bernd Kistenmacher


Sven Miracolo – Portrait eines Sammlers + G.A.S. ALARM

Bernd Kistenmacher präsentiert auf seinem YouTube Kanal FREAK OUT YOUR SYNTH unter dem Titel “G.A.S. ALARM” (G.A.S. steht für Gear Acquisition Syndrome) eine neue Reihe von Videos, in denen Sammler von Synthesizern und ihre Kollektionen vorgestellt werden. Sie zeigen ihre Schätze und sprechen über ihre Passion.

Die Serie beginnt mit einem Portrait des in Südtirol lebenden Italieners Sven Miracolo.


Siehe auch hier: FREAK OUT YOUR SYNTH

Dave Smith 1950 – † 2022

Dave Smith (screenshot taken from Sequential website)

This is a hard year for the world of electronic music. After the death of Klaus Schulze, Vangelis and Andrew Fletcher now one of the most influential pioneers and inventors of synthesizers and other electronic music equipment has passed away. Just 2 weeks ago he attended to the Berlin Superbooth event to present his latest cooperation with Tom Oberheim, the Oberheim OB-X8 syntheiszer.  He was in best mood and nobody who had seen him thee would have expected this terrible news.

I remember in his last synthesizer coup, which he had done for his own company SEQUENTIAL in 2021, the PROPHET-10 rev 4, which has been named the best synthesizer of 2021. I had composed a piece of music only on this fantastic synthesizer.

In memory of Dave Smith