Music For Imaginary Movies

Nothing but music. This might be my lifetime motto. And indeed music has accompanied me my whole life. Without music, nothing what I do or ever did, would make any sense to me.

My childhood was influenced by my father’s enthusiasm für classical music. He adored Frederic Chopin’s compositions and also he wanted to become a pianist in his childhood. Hard times and the need to take responsibilty for his life let him interupt his training and so his dream never came true. But the love for music remained and finally influenced also me. When I was 8 years old he started giving me piano lessons. To make a long story short: my training brought not the results he expected. I was too lazy and unfocussed. I more liked to “experiment” with our piano; always trying to get some weird sounds out of it. After 2 years my father excepted, that it was a pointless endeavor to teach me how to play a piano and he burried silently this project. I know, that he was very disapointed about that fact. What stayed? Definetly my love for keyboard instruments and for weird, experimental and “new” sounds.

Then I became a teenager, right in the 70ies. I cannot remember in another decade, that was more influential than the 70ies. Music, fashion, art, pop-culture. There was not a single day where it was impossible to discover new things. The music became more and more experimental, more psychedelic and more electronic. That was the moment, when this music changed my life completely. Of course first I was a fan. A discoverer. Than I started to learn and to understand. Synthesizer became more and more important to me and dominated my life from then to today. It was the time to return to the keys. It started with a couple of analogue synthesizers, I started with excercises and experiments, I made my first recordings and produced audio cassettes with my own music. I was invited to present my music on stage and had my first life performances. It was the time of huge keyboard castles and sequencer based improvisational music. Electronic music became the new “Hausmusik” and more and more other people started to work with synthesizers and began to produce their own music. This was the time of “Musique Intemporel”, my label for electronic music. There was a good working network for this kind of music and of course there was a growing fanbase in those days.

But nothing lasts forever. It is hard to learn if things come up in a good way, that they also can come down (to be honest; things come always down). The same happened with my musical base. Too many things changed out there; finally the whole music market changed as well as the musical taste of the fans had changed. For me, that was the moment (at the end of 2000) to stop with that business and also to take responsibilty for “other things”. The story repeated somehow and I was very sure in those day, that my decission to stop making music would be final. Luckily I was wrong. A day-to-day job might be good for your family, but it means nothing, if you feel more and more sick and if you miss something. Yes, I missed my music. I missed my synthesizers and everything, what made me so happy all the years before.

In 2009 I made another cut in my life. A really hard cut. I dismissed my job immediately and began to rebuild my studio. Since then I do nothing else but music and again I drive the roller coaster, which one calls life. Some things will never change. Here I am…

What not did change is my appreciation of the mixture of electronic and orchestral sounds. For me this is a perfect complement. I love music for wide landscapes, nature, space and of course for the big screen. I call my music “symphonic-electronic music”. But “music for imaginary movies” might be the better description. I hope you will enjoy it!