ARP 2600 – The Return Of A Legend – FREAK OUT YOUR SYNTH


Bernd Kistenmacher 1988 on stage with his original ARP 2600 semimodular Synthesizer

This story could not be more crazy but after 33 years I could my so beloved original ARP 2600 back by an accidental find. It is one of the last synthesizers which where sold until 1980. It is the orange version with the so versatile 3620 keyboard with an extra LFO. And it is looking like a brandnew item after all this years. Why? Well this synthesizer was bought around 1980 buy a church organplayer in the city of Mühlheim in the german Ruhrgebiet. I am not sure if the organist left the community or passed away, but he definetly used this instrument just for a very few times. Then it was burried in the church organ itself and forgotten in time. Until the priestess of the church found it in summer 2021. The people there quickly understood, what treasure they had found. They offered it in the internet and I bought it 2 weeks ago. Now my buddy is back home in my studio and since I also own a Korg ARP 2600FS, the best replica of this true classic, that you can get for your money, I am able now to compare this both classics. What a battle. So please expect soon another cool episode of Freak-Out-Your-Synth on my YouTube channel and a test for, which I am actually writing. Great things are coming soon. I am happy and pumped about that. Until this moment comes, please watch a short video about my lastest find on YouTube.


I’ll be back to you soon.

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